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【橋本環奈ちゃんの今日俺ダンス見た???これ可愛すぎでしょ?????????????? 】の続きを読む

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5人殺したハリケーン「フローレンス」にパンツ一丁と星条旗で立ち向かうピットマンさん話題に フロリダからクラウドファンドで旅費調達し駆けつける 
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【動画】Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

‘Free and American.’ Man in just boxers waves US flag in face of Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence approached the Carolinas, Lane Pittman decided to crowdfund money to face off against the powerful storm.
Pittman is no stranger to standing up against a strong hurricane while armed only with an American flag and his steely resolve.
Millions of people viewed a video of Pittman ? who is from Jacksonville Beach, Florida ? as he withstood the brunt of Hurricane Matthew when it hit Florida in October 2016, The Kansas City Star reported at the time.
He wrote on the 2016 video’s caption that he “had a request for some hair action during the ’cane.”
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September 14, 2018 01:52 PM

米ハリケーン「フローレンス」 5人死亡、72万戸停電(2018.9.15 07:01) (5ch newer account)


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8/23(木) 4:00配信 オリコン

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